Nobody knew

The cold breeze in the air, the shorter days longer nights always take me back in time. It always makes me wanna reminisce about the past.  My previous corporate job, my job at the famous beverage Company and of course my first job as an assistant in UNICEF. All of them had variety, weather it be sales or desk work but there was one specific thing I clearly remembered from all of them, something that always lingers every time I look back: All of them had HR interviews that asked me the question “where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” I knew early on that my career path was leading to the food industry, having both sides of my family blessed with natural kitchen talents however I always have this answer to all my interviewers, “I see myself having a restaurant five years from now” then I sigh. Long pause. I just realized in most of my interviews how I’m going to do that.

One of the jobs that I had taught me the value of how to present myself. Which in most case, does not happen for me on a day to day basis. Sweating in our hot kitchen with the oven on does not give me room to wear my stilettos and still permit me to move quickly without tripping. Most of the time I see myself in my “artist outfit” shirt, shorts or jeans and flats plus my hair in a bun (sanitary reasons).  I would not dare wear heels and deliver those cakes – they’re heavy.  One of those jobs on the other hand taught me the skills in dealing with clients. People are fickle minded most the time but to avoid that, we do revisions and final cake design 5 days ahead of time (to all of you who are starting to make cakes for clients this is key) – and you should STICK TO IT! So you can start the cake toppers, etc ahead of time and not rushing things from last minute decisions. Cake makers enemy is always time, you can never have enough of it when making cakes.

Looking back at all those jobs I went through, I find myself making cakes day after day in my own baking kitchen. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to A. Bake a cake and B. have someone actually pay me for it. I was a just Marketing student who loved cakes but had no idea how to even turn the gas oven on. But now I get it, if you have enough passion that can turn into action, that’s when it happens. All of us have something that we love doing (or eating in my case).

ImagePhoto Credits: Edge Suarez (The Best Photographer in my Universe)


press START

We all had our share of the 2012 holiday fever, now i say lets get down to business.  They say the year 2013 is meant for change and trying something different and for living the life you wanna live.

Getting down to business…  I got this journal as a Christmas gift from a friend Joy, who is also a foodie.

Perfect timing, i must say because along with this blog I pledged to share my mishaps and my sort-of-recipe journal and food blog.  This is my fresh start, a new food journal.  This to me symbolizes this blog, the mere purpose of putting this up is for me to share thoughts and some tricks of the trade I learned while teaching myself how to bake.  I was once told that i should not blog for popularity, but I should do it for the sole purpose of the things I stand for – I know I’m no writer, nor a professional blogger, and not even close to pastry chef but i will do my best to help you guys navigate your way into your home kitchen because I believe the best desserts are hand made and home made.

I hope you all share this journey with me.

Now i ask you, what is you 2013 fresh start?




I should maybe start by introducing myself.

Hi, Im Thea.

For people who know me online, its theabakescupcakes.

Yes, i bake. Or at least try to.

I wanted to go to a culinary school but my parents did not have the luxury to send me to one.  If you are reading this and you’re attending one of the schools that teaches you what the difference is between soft peaks and stiff ones hey, lucky you.  I did not have someone define peaks for me, I am a self taught baker.  One of my friends asked told me that baking is an expensive type of kitchen madness to go and experiment on and turns out he was right.

But, I love what i do.

That is one of the defining aspect in which they can compare me to the other ones whose already in on this business for years.

I try my best to be the best.  I want to prove to other people that passion is one driving force you cannot stop.

On this blog I will share my experiences, my mishaps, my adventures and all things food.

And if you have questions for me, I would be honored to answer them.

live, eat, and share! Enjoy, everyone!