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We all have our favorite cakes, the ones we usually crave for when we want sink our teeth into something sweet.  I have two – Red Velvet cake and a classic Triple Chocolate cake.  Willing to spend almost $2 (or Php 85+/piece) for a small commercial cupcake, I tried to learn how to make these two at home because i figured i would save a lot of money if I did it myself.  Having said that, I also tried my hand on making my own fondants.

There are a lot of branded ready to use rolled fondant in the market.  They come in different colors and it usually has a mild vanilla flavor.  Because it is convenient, these ones costs more than the price you’re gonna spend if you make it from scratch.  Its not rocket science, all the things you need are readily available at your local grocers.

This is not a definite guide but, here are a few tips to making your own fondant.

1. Use FRESH EGG WHITES – This is one of the backbones of your mix.  The final quality of the finished fondant would be dependent on this.  Fresh eggs = flexibility, old eggs tend to be runny and watery so you have to choose them wisely.  Pick the ones with rough so;id white shells.  Shiny ones with an opaque shell are around a week old.

What to do with the yolks?  No ingredient should be wasted so, use it to make your own mayo, Hollandaise or custard.

2.  Ingredient quality is a MUST – You can use any brand of powdered sugar, as long as you sift it well it should work fine.  But here are some of the ingredients i use, to make fondant making easier.  

                                DSC_0697 DSC_0700

PEOTRACO  – my go-to brand, is a local company that has a line of ingredients that makes a bakers life a breeze.  From flours, sugars, Glucose, to Fondant improvers they seem to have it all.  Aside from the fact that they are Philippine market-friendly, their products are available everywhere that even 711 stores have them.

I use the PEOTRACO Gummix fondant improver when i make the fondant mixture because it helps with the elasticity of the finished fondant.  When you open the pack, just follow the recipe inside and you are good to go!


I hope this helps!

I’m still new to this so,  I would love to hear from you guys!

What is your go to brand for your baking needs? =)


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