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We all had our share of the 2012 holiday fever, now i say lets get down to business.  They say the year 2013 is meant for change and trying something different and for living the life you wanna live.

Getting down to business…  I got this journal as a Christmas gift from a friend Joy, who is also a foodie.

Perfect timing, i must say because along with this blog I pledged to share my mishaps and my sort-of-recipe journal and food blog.  This is my fresh start, a new food journal.  This to me symbolizes this blog, the mere purpose of putting this up is for me to share thoughts and some tricks of the trade I learned while teaching myself how to bake.  I was once told that i should not blog for popularity, but I should do it for the sole purpose of the things I stand for – I know I’m no writer, nor a professional blogger, and not even close to pastry chef but i will do my best to help you guys navigate your way into your home kitchen because I believe the best desserts are hand made and home made.

I hope you all share this journey with me.

Now i ask you, what is you 2013 fresh start?



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