I should maybe start by introducing myself.

Hi, Im Thea.

For people who know me online, its theabakescupcakes.

Yes, i bake. Or at least try to.

I wanted to go to a culinary school but my parents did not have the luxury to send me to one.  If you are reading this and you’re attending one of the schools that teaches you what the difference is between soft peaks and stiff ones hey, lucky you.  I did not have someone define peaks for me, I am a self taught baker.  One of my friends asked told me that baking is an expensive type of kitchen madness to go and experiment on and turns out he was right.

But, I love what i do.

That is one of the defining aspect in which they can compare me to the other ones whose already in on this business for years.

I try my best to be the best.  I want to prove to other people that passion is one driving force you cannot stop.

On this blog I will share my experiences, my mishaps, my adventures and all things food.

And if you have questions for me, I would be honored to answer them.

live, eat, and share! Enjoy, everyone!


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